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Broccoli and Cauliflower Seeds

Close to flowers in your garden other colourful florets may grow, provided you invest in cauliflower seeds. You are free to choose from many different varieties that produce colourful inflorescences in shades of white, green or purple. All seeds available in our online store are of high quality and display good germinability, as they come from proven producers only.

We offer a wide selection of cauliflower varieties in our store that should not present much problems in cultivation, even though this plant does not belong to the easily cultivated vegetables. We recommend „Di Sicilia purple” variety that produces purple heads with a savoury taste. Please check out the „Romanesco natalino” with green ornamental heads, that resemble combination of broccoli and cauliflower in taste. An early variety „Rober”, that could be grown both on the field and under covers, is also worth your consideration. Cauliflower belongs to the easier digestible and low calorie cabbage vegetables. It contains plenty of vitamins, protein, minerals and dry matter. You should include it in children’s diet and serve it to the ill as well. It can be prepared in a variety of ways – boiled and sprinkled with buttered bread crumbs or in pies, soups and salads.

We recommend sowing caulliflowers with different head colours that will adorn your garden and provide you with great taste and nutritional value in summer and early autumn.