Dry powder fertilizers

Dry fertilizers constitute an all-purpose group of plant food. The easy to apply mineral fertilizers with extended performance, intended for broadcasting, are the most important products in the arsenal of home gardeners and allotment owners. Dry, powdery fertilizers provide plants with immediate nutrition boost, hence work much quicker than compost and manure.

Garden beginners often avoid using this group of fertilizers, as they fear the overfertilization, yet those worries are groundless. We offer the best available fertilizers from proven suppliers, prepared according to the needs of various plants and equipped with detailed dosage instructions. You will never over fertilize your garden, if you follow those guidelines.

This is by far not everything! Premium quality products available in our online store display extended performance and would allow you to nourish your crops for a long time. Still have doubts about it? Check them out. Our offer encompasses dry fertilizers from Agrecol, Biopon, Natura, Planta, Substral, Sumin, Target, Zielony Dom and other manufacturers.

Still not sure where to buy granulated mineral and organic fertilizers? You will find them here - in bags and boxes of various sizes. We recommend, among others, fertilizers necessary in orchards and gardens - such as the all-purpose Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants), the Long-lasting Tomato, Cucumber and Herb Fertilizer, Rose Fertilizer with Micronutrients, Blueberry Fertilizer, Boxwood Fertilizer, Thuja Fertilizer, Bulb Plant Fertilizer with Micronutrients, Extra Osmocote All-purpose Fertilizer for use in the garden, at home and on the balcony, as well as countless other excellent products. Dolomite, saltpetre, ammonium saltpetre, potassium nitrate and the best currently available dry chloride-free fertilizers of YaraMila Complex line can be obtained at bargain prices in our online store.

We kindly invite you to learn more about our vast offering and give you a chance to shop with a satisfaction guarantee! Give us a try!