Dolomite and lime fertilizers

Dolomite and lime fertilizers are the basic additives that are used for stabilizing pH of the soil and improving its quality. Even though there is a group of plants that prefer acidic soils, the majority of vegetables, fruit-bearing plants, ornamental shrubs and trees develop well in soils with a neutral, slightly acidic or alkaline reaction. Long-term use of manure and nitrogen-rich mineral fertilizers causes gradual acidifying of the soil, hence it is recommended to use dolomite and lime from time to time.

Products that are available in our store enrich the soil with valuable mineral compounds, such as calcium and magnesium, that are absolutely necessary for the plants, but get washed away from the ground rather quickly. Dolomite significantly improves condition of the plants, because this fertilizer replenishes nutrient deficiencies and improves vegetable and fruit yield. Lime additionally increases soil pH in a short time, making it suitable for plants that do not tolerate acidic soil. Would you like to undertake these steps? We are there to assist you!

We offer premium quality products supplied by the renown brands: Florovit, Target, Ogród-Start and many others. If you need dolomite for a small vegetable garden, take the All-purpose Fertilizer with Dolomite that ensures proper plant growth and development. It is available in 1-kg packages. Granulated lime and ground dolomite can also be obtained in large packs at competitive prices in our online store.

Should you prepare for setting up a lawn or orchard and you need to lime a larger patch of land, order the 25-kg bag of Chalk Garden Lime that can be applied all year long in every type of soil. We offer a wide selection of dolomite products of the highest quality with cheap home delivery. We kindly invite you for a quick shopping tour - save time and money by ordering the best Polish fertilizers in the online Garden Seeds Market.