Echinacea, Coneflower seeds

There are coneflower (Echinacea) seeds available in our store. This plant makes a perfect fit to rustic gardens. Two main varieties are worth the mention: white and purple. We only offer high quality seeds in our store – they come solely from the renowned seed producers.

If you prefer white blooms, choose the white coneflower variety that grows up to 1 m tall. It will fill your flower beds with charm, but can also be grown for cut flowers. The purple coneflower on the other hand not only presents ornamental value, but comes with healing powers, too. This variety will harmonise splendidly with asters, white coneflowers and ornamental grasses.

We recommend coneflower seed selection of different coneflower varieties that bloom in white, pink and yellow and adorn flower beds from end of summer until beginning of autumn to all those who cannot make their mind and chose only one variety.