Garden foil

Garden foil is a multi-purpose product used for plant care and protection. It may act as insulation, be used to speed up germination, to protect the seedlings from the rain or weeds and to prevent the pests from reaching the plants. It is relatively cheap and easy to use. Learn more about our Garden foil offering, if you plan to buy some of this product.

If you grow vegetables or annual flowering plants and fear late frosts, the Perforated transparent foil, available in 1.5 x 10 m packages, will offer the best protection for your borders. Plants will receive the needed dose of sunlight and water from irrigation, but will at the same time be less exposed to drought, temperature drops and mechanical damage. Seedlings protected by the foil will also be inaccessible for the birds. There is also Perforated strawberry foil 1.4 x 10 m, an affordable and proven solution for protecting the berry patches from weeds, available in our store. We also have the thick and durable 4 x 25 m construction foil that will come in handy on all construction and renovation sites. Make sure to buy solid fastening – Pegs for fastening fleece, foil, tarpaulins and mats will help you in that regard. Our products display excellent durability that allows to use them multiple times. Do not hesitate, invest in the premium quality!

We encourage you to order at our online garden store. We stand for competitive prices, affordable and reliable delivery and world-class customer service. Take care of your garden with a little help from our side and the results will exceed your expectations. We invite you to a shopping tour!