Soil acidifiers

Soil acidifiers are simply indispensable in cultivation of such acidophilic plants like blueberries, heathers and heaths, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and the vast majority of conifers. These plants require a low pH value of the soil in order to develop, grow, bloom and bear fruit properly, as they cannot absorb nutrients from alkaline and neutral soils and would most probably die. Products offered here in this category are intended to be applied before planting new plants, but would also help owners of older acidophilic plants.

Your blueberries produce smaller and smaller fruit, while the once marvellous rhododendrons fail to produce blooms? It is time to use soil acidifiers. Our online garden store offers exclusively original, premium quality products signed by the trusted, respected manufacturers: Agrecol, Biopon, Substral and Target. You will definitely find the Conifer, Blueberry and Rhododendron Acidifying Fertilizer from Agrecol or the Conifer and Acidophilic Plant Fertilizer from Target. Both products display extended performance and contain easily assimilable nutrients.

If you expect immediate results, since your plants are already ill because of the inappropriate soil pH, we recommend the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) Emergency Conifer Fertilizer from Substral, intended both for soil and foliar application. It will improve the condition of your trees and shrubs shortly after application. This and other wonderful products are available at prices that are affordable to everyone at our garden store - browse through our offer and see, how much you could save. Buy soil acidifiers online with quick home delivery. Taking care of your garden has never been easier before.