Gardening tools

Premium quality gardening tools prove to be a direct investment in a well-kept, beautiful garden and your health! Our offer encompasses both the small hand tools and larger devices. We have divided them into the following subcategories – take a closer look at the sections below and you will be able to instantly find the product you are searching for. Fiskars and CELLFAST garden tools at such competitive prices can be found exclusively at our store. We kindly invite you for a quick tour!

It is simply impossible to grow plants without the necessary equipment. Take a look into the Aerators and Cultivators, Spades and Shovels, as well as Hoes, Dutch Hoes and Claws departments to order the best tools for cultivating, planting and taking care of plants. Among others you will find handy cultivators, solid reinforced simple and sharpened spades, hardened single-side and two sided hoes and cultivator “claws” on long and short shafts and handles. Our Seeders, Planters and Dibbles will allow you to precisely distribute seeds and seedlings on borders, while the Smaller Hand Tools will prove to be necessary for loosening soil and weeding. Our Sprayers will help you fight diseases and pests. We also have models designed especially for fertilizer spreading. Do not forget about the need to trim and prune trees and shrubs while preparing for the coming season. Our functional Shears, Loppers and Pruners, as well as Knives (general purpose and grafting) will turn taking care of the orchard into real pleasure. There are also high quality garden saws, Axes, Sharpeners and Whetstones available in our offer. The latter will help you to extend life of your cutting and splitting tools. We recommend steel 12, 16 or 18-tine rakes and lightweight leaf rakes, if you wish to keep your garden clean and tidy at all times. Do not forget about the excellent mowing lines for grass trimmers. If you still wonder, what else we could offer you, simply click on the name of subcategory that you find interesting and carefully examine its contents. You will find all accessories that you are looking for in one shop!

Take advantage of the competitive prices for CELLFAST, Fiskars, Kard, Substral gardening tools, as well as those delivered by other leading brands. Save time, effort and money by shopping online – make an order and wait for the delivery. The rest is our job. The Garden Seeds Market kindly invites you to a shopping tour with a satisfaction-guarantee.