Pot plant fertilizers

Fertilizers for pot plants are available in a wide variety of forms and types. If you are looking for recommendations and suggestions, whether you should choose a granulated mineral fertilizer or the liquid organic plant food, you have come to the right place. Our online store offers an assortment of the best available pot plant fertilizers, additives and cosmetics dedicated for the plants with ornamental foliage and those abundantly blooming, too.

Do you grow orchids at home? Choose the concentrated "Zielony Dom" Orchid fertilizer in handy bottle, the popular and highly valued Florovit Orchid fertilizer or the Orchid Power plant food from Compo, sold in disposable, handy applicators. The Agrecol Datura (devil's trumpet) gel fertilizer will help you take care of these beautiful flowers and the Substral concentrated Cactus fertilizer (for 35 litres of ready-to-apply solution) will allow you to properly cultivate your succulents.

Should your living room be decorated with a magnificent washingtonia, neanthe bella palm or date palm, you definitely need to invest in the Florovit Palm, Yucca and Dracaena fertilizer. We also recommend the all-purpose, easy-to-use and exceptionally efficient "Zielony Dom" All-purpose Fertilizer sticks or the excellent, organic Biohumus vermicompost from Agrecol.

Extensive descriptions and specifications of our pot plant fertilizers will help you make the right choice. Should you need this additional information, just click on the product image or name. Every description indicates the type of the fertilizer, what plants is it recommended for and what effects you should expect from using it. Have you already found your favourite? Add it to the cart and pay, or browse through our other departments. We are here to help you to systematically and comprehensively take care of your pot plants at home. A high quality pot plant fertilizer is the foundation of the magnificent look of your fern, fig tree, orchid and palm collection. We make it possible, easy to achieve and... truly affordable! We kindly invite you to learn more about our offer - this really makes sense!