About us

Swiat Kwiatow has been in business for more than a decade and from the very beginning, we have made the quality of our products a number one priority. Throughout this period, we have supplied tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. The seeds we sell have passed through a multi-stage system of quality control before they are carefully packed and dispatched. These products have been awarded numerous certificates and comply with the highest standards of the countries of the European Union. Our employees are experienced gardeners who are more than happy to answer your every question.

Where do our seeds come from?

All of the seeds sold in our shop come from the best producers in the European Union. Thanks to many years of cooperation, we have developed the most appropriate conditions for storing and distributing fresh and precisely tested batches of seeds, always! Eliminating middlemen in the whole process not only makes it possible for us to avoid the problem of sending out old seeds, which have been lying on the shelves in warehouses for many months, but also guarantees the lowest prices for products of the highest quality.

The quality control process

All of our seeds pass through a four-stage quality control process.

STAGE ONE consists of carefully selecting producers as well as controlling their crops, including foreign producers. Plants are not only checked when they start to grow, but also during blooming and bearing. It is important at this stage to ensure spatial isolation, thanks to which we can be certain of obtaining the desired morphological characteristics of each particular species, such as colour, height and shape.

STAGE TWO consists of performing high precision tests in laboratory conditions. Thanks to the use of the highest quality equipment, and also thanks to highly qualified staff, our suppliers perform more than 30,000 quality tests annually. If any of our seeds do not meet our requirements then they are subjected to technological processes such as drying, cleaning, upgrading and testing again.

STAGE THREE consists of sowing seeds in control plots. Thanks to this, we obtain precise information concerning their germination, which must be maintained at an appropriately high level. Simultaneously, the varietal identity of each species is checked at this stage.

STAGE FOURis performed in our warehouses and consists of rejecting seeds which have been lying for too long on our shelves and replacing them with new batches. Each packet is stamped with an appropriate batch number and also with the sow-by-date.

All four stages make it possible for us to state with confidence that the seeds we are selling comply with the highest standards and have passed through all possible control stages without problems.

Prizes and awards

The seeds we sell are widely recognised and have won many awards. They have won numerous gold medals and also prizes for their high quality and for the application of innovation. Some of these awards are: TOP INNOVATION (June 2015), GOLD MEDAL AT THE POZNAN INTERNATIONAL FAIR (2015), CONSUMER QUALITY LEADER (2014), FARMER OF THE YEAR (2014).

In addition, we have also been awarded the IDEAL BUSINESS Certificate for two years in a row.


We are focused on only selling seeds of the highest quality. However, plants are living organisms and their germination depends on many factors, such as temperature, soil type, moisture and frequency of watering, the period of sowing, fertilisation, the use of plant protection products (pesticides) and other atmospheric factors. We provide help by collecting relevant sowing and growing information, however, we are not responsible for the plants if they were not cultivated in the appropriate growing conditions for the given plant species.