Peat pots

As soon as the sowing and seedling season comes, it is worth to have the useful peat pots at hand. If you wish to enjoy success in gardening, take advantage of our offer and buy the best eco-friendly plant pots at reasonable prices. Our online store is proud to present its wide selection of peat pots in all possible sizes and shapes. Check them out!

Containers made of natural materials provide the germinating seeds and quickly developing seedlings the optimal temperature and humidity. What is even more important, you do not need to take plants out before transplanting to the target site, because they are 100% biodegradable. To sum up, if you would like to have healthy seedlings with strong root systems and value eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions, take a look at our square and round peat pots. You will find both smaller seeding, 5-8 cm wide pots or larger containers with circa 20 cm in diameter, that will allow the seedlings to take root. We offer sets of dozen or several dozen pots at affordable prices. You should also take a look at the coconut fibre discs and the expandable GrowBlock pots. These products have been manufactured of compressed coconut fibre that acts like a sponge and interchangeably absorbs and releases water, sharing it with the plants.

We offer practical, functional, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions. Browse through the offer of our online store to find the products that suit your needs. We guarantee the excellent quality of all our peat pots. We encourage you to make a purchase still today!