Agriculture fleece and geo-fleece

Our agriculture fleece and geo-fleece will allow you to harvest crops richer that ever before. Our online garden store offers spring fleece (agrotextiles), winter fleece and anti-weed fleeces in a wide selection of sizes and at affordable prices. Browse through our offers and decide, which covers your garden needs the most!

White spring fleece (agrotextile) offers the best possible plant protection and enables them to yield rich, healthy crops. This lightweight fabric protects seedlings from sudden temperature drops, heavy rainfall, hail and birds, preventing weeds from taking over borders at the same time. We offer spring fleece (agrotextiles) in sheets sized 1.60 x 5 m, 1.60 x 10 m, 3.20 x 5 m, 3.20 x 10 m, 1.60 x 20 m and 3.20 x 20 m. You definitely find the one that suits your individual needs. We also offer excellent fleece for mulching plants at the early and later vegetation stages. Our wide selection encompasses, among others: Grey geo-fleece for mulch, Black anti-weed fleece (agrotextile), Black anti-weed fabric (agrotextile) – thicker than fleece and Brown anti-weed fleece (agrotextile). Order any given one of them in order to protect the furrows in strawberry other berry cultures from weeds, temperature fluctuations and excessive water evaporation from the soil. Add the Pegs or Anchors for fastening fleece, foil and tarpaulins to the ground to your cart, too. Do you grow tomatoes in the open field? We think you might find the reasonably priced and resistant PE tomato cover that will protect fruit from hail, sun burns, heavy rainfall and pests. A functional, proven shading net for covering plants, terraces and balconies – a lightweight, airy product protecting from sunlight – will prove to be your summer hit purchase. Our fleeces (agrotextiles) and geo-fleeces will come in handy in winter, too. If you grow frost-sensitive plants in your garden, buy White winter fleece (agrotextile), a protective plant hood or sleeve – you will purchase all those premium plant protection covers off-hand and at exceptionally affordable prices in our store.

Take a look at other products we have prepared for you! Make an order in our online store and let us take care of the rest. Save time and money by buying online – this really brings profits!