Lines and ropes

The Lines and ropes category is for you if you are looking for strong, durable products. You will find a broad selection of lines and ropes that will help you perform various tasks at our online store. We offer lines made of natural materials such as cotton, sisal, linen, jute. We also have durable, shear-resistant synthetic lines on offer. A broad colour selection, different lengths and thicknesses will enable you to find products that suit your needs.

Lines and ropes are low-key, yet very useful tools that should be present in every household. Durable ropes help you fasten various objects, tying canvass hoods or packing things. They are also helpful in all construction and refurbishing works, in garages and workshops. All DIY-men and women should be equipped with ropes. Ropes and lines also help measure things and draw straight lines. Do not forget to take some for picnics, camping and hiking trips. They are also invaluable in water sports, e.g. sailing. Nicely looking, colourful lines may be used in different crafts and hobbies.

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