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Lobelia seeds

You will find seeds of many different garden lobelia varieties in our store. Offered seeds stand out with high quality and good germination capacity, as they come from proven suppliers. It guarantees successful cultivation, provided, of course, that proper growing conditions are maintained.

Lobelia will adorn your garden from spring until middle of autumn. It produces blooms in different colours: white, blue, pink, purple or red. It is recommended for cultivation in hanging containers and is therefore often referred to as trailing lobelia. Grown in pots it will decorate a balcony, gazebo or terrace, while sown on a flower bed it will cover it with a beautiful, colourful carpet. Please remeber to create proper cultivation conditions for it – this plant prefers sunny sites with permeable, humous soil.

We especially recommend seeds of the „White Lady” lobelia, from which low growing plants with white blooms eventually develop. This variety is perfectly suited for cultivation on borders, edgings and in containers. Sown on a border, it forms stunning contrast with verbenas, gazanias or low growing asters. You should also try the lobelia with carmine-red blooms growing on hanging stalks, that would look adorable in white hanging baskets. Maybe you will fall for a lobelia with beautiful, sapphire-blue blooms and rather long shoots that reach 50-60 cm. In case of trouble with decision-making there is always a selection of lobelia varieties’ seeds available that creates a splendid, colourful flower composition.