Poppy seeds

Have you ever thought about poppy seeds? You can find two species of this popular plant in our garden store – common poppy and Iceland poppy. Seeds offered in our store strike with high quality and good germination capacity, because they come from renowned suppliers only. It guarantees successful cultivation, provided, of course, that proper growing conditions are maintained.

Common poppy grows maximum 50 cm tall. It develops semi-double or double flowers that take on different colours, red, white, pink or purple, and will adorn your garden all summer long. This plant is a great fit to rustic gardens, where it can grow together with other ornamental flowering plants or grasses. Common poppy can also be grown for cut flowers. It will decorate the vicinity of your home and its interior, while some of poppy varieties are used in herbal medicine. Common poppy can be sown together with the Iceland poppy, that produces blooms in different shades of white, yellow, orange or red. It will thrive on flower beds and look equally well in vases (in order to extend vase life of cut poppies you need to soak their stem ends in hot water).

The poppies need specific growing conditions to grow abundantly in your garden. They prefer humous, permeable soil and sunny sites. Nonetheless, poppies should not present any problems in cultivation to even less experienced gardeners.