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Daffodil bulbs, Narcissus

Narcissus bulbs is an absolute must-have in the coming season! We associate these charming flowers with spring, warmth, joy and Easter celebration. Their cheerful colours will rejuvenate the garden already in April, attracting numerous bees and butterflies. What should you exactly do to adorn your green relaxation spot with white, yellow, orange narcissi in the most beautiful colour tones? First of all, get to know our offer. The assortment includes among others trumpet, large-cupped, small-cupped, double daffodils as well as the highly valued jonquila cultivars. We strongly recommend the creamy-white, scented „Cheerfulness” and „Bridal Crown” daffodils, the unique, double „Rip van Winkle” variety with fringed flowers and the Christmas narcissus „Paperwhites Ziva”. The yellow-orange, large-cupped „Fortissimo” and its close relative, the white-orange „Flower Record” will quickly become an attractive border decoration. The novelty hunters should feel tempted by the pink-orange double „Repleta” daffodil, while the conservatives by the yellow varieties „Dutch Master”, „Unsurpassable” and „Dick Wilden”, the white „Mount Hood” or the subtle „Thalia” with narrow white petals. These are only a few of the charming narcissi that we have in our offer – check it out and let us surprise you. We only deliver the highest quality Dutch daffodil bulbs at very competitive prices. The high quality of the seedling material ensures good results in the cultivation and the longevity of the plants. Your satisfaction is our no. 1 priority – discover, how much you will gain by buying in our online garden shop.