Ornamental Grass Seeds

If you consider arranging an naturalistic garden, you simply must buy ornamental grasses’ seeds. These plants are an absolutely necessary component of garden space arranged in naturalistic style. We have seeds of many ornamental grass species in our offer, Korean uksae (Chinese silver grass), pampas grass, esparto grass, big quaking grass or canary grass. They do not only serve as decoration, but can also be used in dried bouquets.

Pampas grass belongs to the most popular ornamental grasses. It grows quite tall, up to 2 m in height. In autumn beautiful, thick, white, creamy-white or pink inflorescences apppear on tops of those tall plants. They are fitted for flower bed backgrounds and edges of water basins. In case you think of arranging a rock garden, blue fescue, bentgrass and golden dog’s tail would suit your needs best. These grasses form lower tufts and harmonise with other ornamental plants. Hare’s-tail and canary grass look great in fresh and dried bouquets. They of course fit into naturalistic gardens, too.

All ornamental grass seeds available in our offer meet highest quality standards and show high germinability, as they come from renowned producers only. Don’t you believe it? Choose your favourite variety and check it out! Grasses are relatively easy in cultivation, do not require special conditions, nor do not need special care measures. They will continuously adorn your garden even when most of the plants would have wiltered.