Paths, pavements and driveways

Paths, pavements and driveways require regular cleaning. If you would like them to look impeccable at all times, learn more about the products that we offer in this subcategory. What can we do when dirt gathers between the cobblestone and pavement tiles and weeds seem to take over every slit? Our reliable tools and cleaning agents facilitate taking care of the vicinity of your home.

The recently laid cobblestone or freshly poured concrete always look clean and neat. With time, algae, lichens, moss, liverworts and other tough to remove tarnish appear. Luckily, we have the Arox 500-ml algae and lichen removal agent for cobblestone, pavements and walls, available. This product is delivered ready-to-use in a handy bottle with a sprayer. Do you value high productivity? Buy the 250-ml or 1000-ml long-acting Roundup Herbi Block concentrate for paths and driveways. These excellent cleaning agents will eliminate every tarnish. Order the Paving brush for pavements and driveways or the QuikFit Fiskars grout scrapper, now available at a special price, in order to get rid of weeds, moss and dirt from spots that are hard to access.

High quality tools and instantly acting cleaning agents are available in our store at competitive prices. We have gathered a selection for the best brands – leaders of the cleaning market. Arox, Sumin and Fiskars products will help you keep your paths, pavements and driveways ideally clean. This is so easy – shop online and see for yourself!