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Autumn Crocus bulbs, Colchicum

Colchicum bulbs should arouse your interest, if you like crocuses. These tiny, charming plants will cover your lawn with dozens of dazzling blooms in late summer and early autumn. Give them a chance and you will certainly fall in love with them. Our garden store offers a wide selection of the most beautiful autumn crocus varieties. What would you say to a yellow meadow saffron, as this plant is also called, that sprouts from the green grasses? If you prefer pink and violet, we have the great „The Giant” colchicum and a charming tiny „Lilac Wonder” at your service. We are also sure that the „Waterlily” variety with double flowers consisting of numerous, elongated, densely packed petals, might be of interest to you. Combine it with the white „Album” colchicum and the pastel sweetness will find a way into your garden. You will definitely be able to let your imagination flow in planning your border compositions. Our mission is to deliver colchicum and other flower’s bulbs at the most competitive price. We have Dutch seedling material of the highest quality available, because we know that the long-term cooperation with the best producers and suppliers results in customers’ satisfaction. Take advantage of our offer! Colchicum bulbs can be ordered without leaving your armchair – you are just a few clicks away from the garden of your dreams!

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