Fertilizers in watering cans

Fertilizers on watering cans allow you to fertilize plants conveniently and with immediate results, without the need to meticulously measure the optimal plant food doses and to prepare watering solution. These premium quality products are sold in containers equipped with atomisers. Every spraying end has a special connector that allows you to attach garden hose to it. Thanks to that feature you may apply the fertilizer during your everyday watering routine. This solution is easy and efficient at the same time. Try it and see, how easy fertilizer distribution may become!

Our online garden shop offers professional fertilizers for rhododendrons, roses, other flowering plants and lawns in handy watering cans. If you own a cat or a dog, the Urynal - Lawn protection from dog's urine, a product that quickly decomposes it and protects grass from burns, should come in handy in your garden.

Take a look at other Zielony Dom products, too. Fytostop replenishes nitrogen supply in wilting plants while the Farewell to Brown Lawn Spots allows you to fertilize grass after the winter with a help of a conveniently operated watering can. Shop quickly and conveniently online in our store and obtain easy to use and immediately acting plant care products. Fertilizers from renown brands, that thousands of experienced gardeners and farmers trust, are available at budget-friendly prices at our online shop. We encourage you to visit other product categories, too. We are certain that you will find some items of interest there!