Seeding trays and nursery pots

Did you include seeding trays and nursery pots on your shopping list? Do not forget to add them to your cart! Seeding trays and nursery pots available in our store are the arguably best containers for growing seedlings. You may used them in mini greenhouses, on hotbeds and at home, as they are functional, durable, lightweight and easy to use. Browse through our offer to convince yourself that it is worth having them at home!

Seeding trays and nursery pots may differ in the cell number, depth and width. What kind of seeding tray should you choose? It depends how many seedlings would you like to grow. Do your mathematics – the Seed tray, nursery pot, insert with 54 chambers will allow you to grow 54 seedlings. You will also find seeding trays with 66 or 104 chambers in our store. If you prepare to produce larger numbers of seedlings, order a seeding tray with 160 or even 252 cells. This container will provide you with plenty of space for seeds and young plants will be separated from the start. This gives them sufficient space to develop strong roots and stalks in contrary to the dense sow in a large balcony box. The roots of the single plants will not entangle and therefore facilitate the pricking out and limit the number of damaged plants. Seeding trays and nursery pots offer a comfortable, convenient, cost effective solution that allows you to save space and use it in the most effective manner. The seeding trays and nursery pots offered at our garden store have been manufactured of durable, thick plastic of premium quality. They can be easily moved, are resistant to water, sunlight and cleaning, what makes the reusable. They will serve you for years.

Grow seedlings like a pro – order seeding trays at a reasonable price with affordable home delivery. Sow seeds and enjoy the results in form of sturdy, healthy seedlings. You will succeed with us!