Soil testers

Soil testers will protect you from mistakes and let you prepare even better for sowing and planting. Do you know how to tell, if the soil has the desired reaction? How to measure soil temperature and is it possible to test soil fertility at all? You will get answers to all those questions in this subsection!

If you plan to plant demanding plants, such as the acid-loving conifers, rhododendrons, heathers or hydrangeas, the soil tester will allow you to measure soil pH and decide whether you need the acidic peat or acidifying fertilizer. We also recommend to perform such a test before sowing vegetables, as the majority of these plants despise of the acidic soil. So if its pH is too low, adding calcium may be needed. How could you know all that? Our advice is simple: buy the BIOPON pH testing set, available at a special price, and measure the reaction of the soil, reliably and easily. You can also order reusable tester, the pH-meter that allows for accurate and quick measuring of the pH. What about the 2-in-1 Soil tester: pH-meter with soil fertility test? It will give you information not only about the reaction of the soil in question, but its basic nutrient (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) content, too. If you are an avid gardener, who impatiently waits for the perfect moment to transplant the seedlings or sow seeds, the 31-cm soil thermometer is the tool for you. Professionals should on the other hand consider the 4-in1 Electronic soil tester (measures pH, humidity, sunlight, temperature). This handy, easy-to-use tool will equip you with even more possibilities in planning the sow, planting and care measures.

You will obtain soil testers from the renown producers at such incredibly competitive price at our store only. Choose savings and success in growing vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants. We invite you for a shopping tour that will satisfy all your requirements!