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Seed Tape

If you're just embarking on your plant cultivation journey and find seed sowing challenging, we have a solution for you! Our "Seed Tape" category can be a tremendous help. The seeds are placed on a special biodegradable cellulose tape, designed to eliminate the need for many future maintenance tasks. The tape is 5-7 meters long, and the spacing between seeds is adjusted according to the plant species, so you don't have to worry about thinning seedlings later.

In our online gardening store, you'll find a wide selection of seed tapes, including vegetables like lettuce, parsley in two varieties - Kinga and Halblange, field cucumbers in two varieties - Forum and Polan, and carrots in two varieties - Kamila F1 and Koral. We also offer herbal mixtures like "Good Herbs," which include chervil, basil, tarragon, oregano, thyme, and rue. All seed tapes in our store are known for their high quality and excellent germination capabilities, as they come exclusively from reputable producers. Some packages even include radish seeds to help you mark rows of plants.

Cultivating vegetables from seed tapes is a straightforward and convenient method that won't pose problems, even for novice gardeners. Simply lay the tape evenly on garden beds, in pots, or balcony boxes, and cover it with soil. Then, water generously to provide the seeds with the optimal conditions for germination. Don't hesitate - choose our "Seed Tape" category and enjoy hassle-free plant cultivation!