Single component fertilizers

Single component fertilizers offer a cheap and efficient solution for the majority of problems with nutritional deficiencies in plants. They also prove to be necessary during preparation of sites for seeding and planting trees and shrubs, e.g. when you have to acidify or deacidify the soil or enrich meagre, lesser soil with basic macronutrients.

Our online store offers all the best available single component fertilizers packed in variously sized bags, from 2 to 25 kg. We offer, among others the potassium nitrate, an all-purpose nitrogen-potassium fertilizer that is used to replenish deficiencies of these two elements, that are responsible for proper growth and crop production.

Vegetables that use large amounts of nitrogen should be fed with nitrochalk that contains easily available nitrogen in form of nitrates and amonium, with a valuable addition of lime and magnesium. Add the ground dolomite, that increases productivity and boosts winter hardiness of the plants, to acidic soils that lack lime and magnesium. Use granulated urea or the concentrated ammo-phos-potassium fertilizer, highly valued by professional farmers, to help them grow abundantly by improving absorption of water and nutrients from the soil.

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