Green plant fertilizers

Still wondering where to by green plant fertilizers at an extra competitive price? Our shop is that very place! Garden Seeds Market's offer encompasses products from domestic and foreign manufacturers that are highly regarded by experts and professionals as the premium green plant care products - intended for both pot and garden species. We offer excellent all-purpose fertilizers that suit needs of all plants that would later delight you with ornamental foliage.

Buy the "Biohumus" Vermicompost from Agrecol, the most valuable humus processed by red wigglers and the mineral Florovit Green Plant Fertilizer or the "Zielone Liście" (Green Leaves) from Target in order to fertilize your whole collection of green plants with a single fertilizer. Plants with bleak or yellowing leaves may be treated with the Biopon Green Plant Fertilizer for Chlorosis. We also recommend reliable all-purpose gel fertilizers that stand out with excellent efficiency, as well as long-lasting fertilizer tabs and sticks dedicated for green plants. It is particularly worth to take extra care of recently transplanted plants and freshly grafted cuttings. Improper care of plants that have not developed a strong root system yet may lead to their death. We know it well and therefore you will find the Rooting Fertilizer for Green Plants and the Rooting Fertilizer for Seedlings and Seeds from Agrecol that would help you take proper care of weakened plants, cuttings and seedlings.

Should you need professional products, such as the "Burza Liści" (Leaf Storm) Liquid Fern Fertilizer from Target or the Palm, Yucca and Dracaena Fertilizer from Agrecol or the Zamioculcas Fertilizer from Biopon, our online garden store has them all on stock. We kindly invite you to take advantage of affordable and quick online shopping. Professional green plant fertilizers are at your disposal - click or tap their product names, order and save money!