Barbecues / grills and accessories

Our grills – barbecues and accessories will help you prepare for the new barbecue season! Get to know the Garden Seeds Market offer and let us surprise you with technical novelties. Shop online without overpaying. We make it possible!

If you are considering purchasing a new grill (barbecue), take a closer look at the models available in our store. We recommend the compact, affordable round 35-cm grill with a spit or the round 42-cm barrel-shaped grill to all lovers of classic barbecue. Both will fit onto every terrace and balcony! Should you be interested in a larger device, check out our rectangular barbecues. They will allow you to cook for the whole family! We recommend the Rectangular 58 x 38 cm grill with two side shelves – a solid, easy-to-operate product that guarantees excellent taste of all meat kinds. Do you own a garden or allotment? We have a true special for you: a hanging grill – 52-cm wide garden furnace. This product offers a great solution for preparation of excellent dishes over a campfire. Should you also dream of preparing your own smoked ham and sausage, a Balcony smoker with a deep tray awaits you. This easy to use and clean functional tool is intended for home production of smoked ham and sausages. Do not forget the barbecue accessories – including efficient fire starters, barbecue cleaning devices, roaster racks, forks, turners, presses and holders. Check them out! The Eco-friendly barbecue fire starter – 3 pieces, Natural fire starter – 30 cubes made of scentless, healthy wood and Charcoal are products that should land in your cart! We also offer Wood chips for smoking and barbecuing: made of 100% apple, beech, walnut and oak wood and ideally suited for flavouring meat. Still having problems with starting a fire? Invest in your comfort and purchase a practical Bellows – air blower for igniting a barbecue. You might also need 30-cm long bamboo skewers sold in 40-pcs packages. If you prefer reusable tools, order Chrome-plated steel skewers and the 140-cm long ergonomic bent campfire sausage fork. In order to minimize the risk of burns during barbecuing over burning coal, use the 41-cm fish barbecuing and roasting holder, a 23 x 21 cm meat holder, a Hot-dog / sausage barbecue holder, stainless steel turner and fork and the 17-cm Pickled cabbage, cucumbers or barbecue tongs. This selection of tools should belong to every barbecue lover equipment. A 3-in-1 grill brush – sponge, brush and scrapper or the Wire brush with scrapper for cleaning barbecues and smokers will help you to restore the order after the finished feast. This is still only a small fraction of our assortment. We encourage you to browse further!

You will buy barbecues / grills and necessary accessories at such competitive prices only at our store. Take care of the free delivery option in order to save even more. We guarantee 100% satisfaction – do not hesitate and try us out!