Twines and cords

Are you still looking for affordable twines and cords? You can purchase them at our store off hand with a cheap home delivery. We offer the widest selection of twines made of different materials, that would prove necessary both for home and gardening work.

We put our best effort to make shopping at our store comfortable for you. That is why we have created all the subcategories. If you already know, what kind of twine you would like to buy, visit the appropriate section. Cotton twines subcategory includes our suggestions of strong cords made of natural materials. These twines are particularly suited for gardening. Should you wish to use other organic twines, there are even more sturdy hemp and jute twines available. The Jute twine 25 mm x 100 m, Hemp twine 200 m and the Biodegradable coconut twine 15 m are recommended for tying plants at home and in the garden. The natural fibre is resistant to shearing, yet does not hurt the green, soft shoots of creepers, cucumbers or tomatoes. Twines offered here will also work as natural, ethnic decorations! You might also need a linen butcher's twine. You will get the premium quality product of that kind – heatproof, natural and permitted for direct contact with food – at our store, too. Should you be interested in durable synthetic twines and lines, visit the Clothes lines category. The super-durable PVC coated, waterproof and sunlight-resistant products perfectly suited for hanging laundry out to dry were gathered there. That's not all by far. Our online store also has polypropylene and sisal twines at affordable prices on stock. Check them out: they are worth having them at hand all the time, as they might come in handy in various household and gardening tasks. The White polypropylene garden twine 300 m – 300 g proves to be irreplaceable during staking trees, fastening the foil tunnel construction or baling hay.

As you can see, we have a wide selection of twines and cords for different occasions and we are constantly working on expanding it. Do not hesitate, browse through our offer and make sure you have everything you need. We invite you for a shopping trip with a satisfaction-guarantee!