Fertilizers for moss-infected lawns

Fertilizers for moss-infected lawns will solve all your problems with an invaded, abandoned turf overgrown with ugly moss tufts. Should you look for professional assistance in helping your lawn get its own vigour and thickness back, choose our professional grass fertilizers and lawn food enriched with micronutrients. We recommend, among other excellent products, the Target Fertilizer for Mossy Lawns, the "Długotrwały Efekt" (Long-lasting Effect) Substral Fertilizer for Lawns with Moss and the Agrecol Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants) for Lawns with Moss. All of the above mentioned products contain iron and should be applied by broadcasting.

Our fertilizers for moss-infected lawns optimally supplement the vigourless grass and stimulate its tillering. The addition of iron helps to get rid of the moss that competes with turf for water and nutrients. Products available in our store display 2-in-1 effects: they fertilize the soil and kill the unwanted moss. Should you doubt their efficiency, try them out and see for yourself, how effective they are.

The Florovit Fertilizer for Mossy Lawns, Lime-Magnesium Lawn Fertilizer from Target, the Anty-Mech (Anti-Moss) from Substral and other productive, easy to apply products available in various sizes, can be purchased for surprisingly competitive prices here. Check out or affordable prices and buy all kinds of gardening products, tools and equipment with free home delivery. Growing a dense, emerald-green, healthy turf without empty spots and moss is really easy with the right fertilizer applied according to manufacturer's guidelines. We will deliver it right to your door - just let us help you out! Let's go shopping!