Laundry baskets

Laundry baskets allow you to maintain perfect order in bathrooms. We offer both smaller baskets ideally suited for smaller rooms that do not occupy much space and the XXL-sized ones intended for larger families. Take a look at our lightweight, practical and functional containers and decide which one fits your bathroom arrangement best.

If you are looking for a large basket with a lid, the Grey-brown 45-litre laundry basket should meet your requirements. Holes in its walls ensure free are circulation that prevents mould from forming. The modern design makes it a stylish interior decoration. Do you need more storage space for your laundry room? Order the extra-large Grey-brown 60-litre Per laundry basket. Some laundry carrying containers, such as the green or grey 65 x 44 cm Jost laundry basket might also prove useful to you. The mesh structure allows you to keep the laundry in it for a longer time before hanging out to dry without losing the nice fresh scent. Check out the 12-litre Lotta storage box, too. It facilitates carrying heavy, wet loads thanks to the comfortable handles.

We kindly invite you to browse through our selection! Laundry baskets are available at competitive prices with affordable door-to-door delivery in our online store. Waste no more time and enjoy greater comfort in your everyday life.