Garden plant fertilizers

Garden plant fertilizers form a broad category of products that encompasses all most valuable products intended for fertilizing ornamental trees and shrubs, perennials with decorative flowers and foliage, fruit and vegetables, as well as herbs. Efficient granulated garden plant fertilizers, water-soluble powder for soil and leaf application, concentrated gels and liquids (multi or single-component, with micronutrients, humus and vitamins) - all this can be found in our offer at exceptionally competitive prices.

If you have flower beds in your garden, order the liquid Garden Pansy and Violet Fertilizer, the Rhododendron, Camellia and Acidophilic Plant Fertilizer in the hand pump sprayer bottle, the Begonia Fertilizer or the Concentrated Liquid Rose Fertilizer. You may supplement your own moor with an excellent liquid "Barwne Pole" (Colourful Meadow) Heather Fertilizer and ferns with our Fern Fertilizers, available in packages of different sizes. We have the best available flowering plant fertilizers that extend blooming period and vigour enhancing green plant fertilizers that would give the foliage an intense, bright green colouring. We also recommend our autumn fertilizers, that will allow you to optimally prepare trees and shrubs for wintering in the garden, and granulated manure. This all-purpose natural fertilizer nourishes the soil with the most valuable organic matter, enhances its structure and therefore supports root development, as well as supplies flowering plants, vegetables and fruit the right amounts of nutrients without the risk of overfertilization.

As you can see, the Garden Seeds Market product selection is truly remarkable and wide. Buy garden plant fertilizers from renown manufacturers - Agrecol, Biopon, Florovit, Ogród-Start and Target - and the results will delight you!