Mycorrhiza is a unique phenomenon - symbiosis of plants and microorganisms that live in the soil in their root system. This cohabitation brings profits to both sides, yet we concentrate on the beneficial effects the useful fungi have on plant vigour, productivity and resistance to pathogen bacteria and viruses. Roses and rhododendrons, conifers and evergreens, orchids and even lawns that are supplemented with mycorrhiza show significantly higher tolerance to stressful growing conditions and diseases. They absorb more water and minerals from the soil, develop more abundantly and delight with a healthy appearance. Try out these products and see for yourself!

Order mycorrhiza in form of the easy to apply vaccines. You only need to apply it once, because in contrary to standard fertilizers it does not decompose nor gets washed away from the soil, yet constantly nourishes its microflora. The mycorrhiza vaccines presented below - both the all-purpose ones and those specially dedicated to particular plant species - are premium quality products, whose efficiency has been positively tested. We offer mycorrhiza from renown producers: Biopon, Zielony Dom and many others. Check out the All-purpose mycorrhiza that ensures 1000x larger root absorption surface. You may use it for fruit trees and shrubs, perennial herbs and ornamental plants. The Lawn Mycorrhiza, Conifer Mycorrhiza, Mycorrhiza Vaccine for Roses and Mycorrhiza Vaccine for Rhododendrons, Heathers, Blueberries and Heaths are only a few representatives of our ever growing selection of products.

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