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Tulip bulbs

We plant tulip bulbs in gardens, parks and on squares in autumn in order to enjoy the wonderful, saturated colours and elegant, or eccentric shapes of these charming flowers. The „tulip mania” did not end in the 17th century, as some people would tell you – it is still on, and is not limited to the Netherlands. You will buy bulbs of the most beautiful tulip varieties groups in our online garden store. The sub-categories that we have divided the plants into should help you make the right choice. If you are looking for smaller, colourful specimens that perfectly fit into border edgings and rock gardens, take a look into the Botanical section. If you wish to admire perfectly formed, single cups on your flower beds, look for Darwin and Triumph tulips in the gallery. The Kaufmanniana sub-category consists of lower growing varieties producing magnificent, elongated inflorescences that would look great against the background of the exceptionally ornamental, erect lily-flowered tulips. The lovers of the splendour and extravaganza should definitely take a peek into the Parrot section, where we have placed several varieties that produce double flowers with attractively dentate petals. The fringed tulips are equally ornamental – they develop bowl-shaped blooms with denticulated edges. The multi-flowered tulips are the absolute no. 1 hit of our store. They produce a few nicely shaped blooms on each stem. You might also take interest in our novelty – the green-coloured tulips with multi-coloured blooms with a distinct green glow. We did our best to make the navigation in our online tulip bulb store as easy and intuitive as possible – therefore we also created special categories Low growing, Early single-flowered and Late single-flowered, that enable you to quickly find the varieties that are perfectly suited for your arrangements. We offer a true treasure of tulip bulbs of different species and varieties at invariably attractive prices. Do not hesitate and start a tour through our land of spring colours. All bulbs and seedlings available in our online store come from the best Dutch producers, hence are of the highest quality. Shopping in our garden store is simply the right choice – find out yourself!