Tarpaulins and fastening pegs

Are you looking for high quality tarpaulins and pegs? You will find a wide selection of these products right here. We have tarpaulins of different thickness and in all desirable sizes. Take a look around this section – you will find exactly that what you are looking for.

Strong, high quality tarpaulins will come in handy in construction works and agriculture. With our products you can protect all kinds of goods – including timber, construction materials, grain, wood and coal, as well as machines – from damage, staining and water. If you dig affordable solutions, order a blue tarpaulin. A 3 x 5, 4 x 5, 4 x 8 or 6 x 8 m large cover should provide the right solution for smaller objects. We have a wide selection of larger models, too! The tarpaulins offered in our store are equipped with fastening holes secured with aluminium rings. Thanks to them you will be able to fasten the cover with cord and protect the goods from weather factors in an effective way. Do you need a truly strong, thick cover? You will get the green tarpaulin, thicker than the blue one, with double reinforced edges at our store. It is extremely durable and tear-resistant. Choose the size that you need and add the 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 6 x 12, 10 x 18 m or even larger green tarpaulin to the cart. We recommend our thickest, sturdiest covers for the extra tough tasks: the 10 x 15 m silver green tarpaulin is now available at a very competitive price. Check out the smaller models, too. You will definitely find the size that ideally suits your needs at our store. Wait a moment! Add the Agrotextile, foil and tarpaulin fastening pegs to the cart before you confirm the purchase. These pins will allow you to fasten your cover to the ground securely and protect it against violent wind gusts.

We offer premium quality tarpaulins and pegs that can be widely used in agriculture, refurbishing, construction and other works. A broad size and thickness selection guarantees satisfying shopping. Order the heavy-duty tarpaulins from Nortene, Agro-Jumal and other leading manufacturers. Take advantage of the free door-to-door delivery. This is what we call a special offer!