Around home

Our daily life and routine is closely connected with our homes. This section offers you accessories that will help you arrange your own personal space in an even more effective manner. We will help you sort things out, give you some tips how to improve efficiency of your refurbishing efforts and, last but not least, will invite you for a barbecue. Learn more about our broad product selection!

Shopping in our online store is quick and easy. In order to facilitate finding the products you are looking for, we have divided them into subcategories. You will find the list of those below. Should you wish to arrange the area around your house in a beautiful manner, take a look at the Garden furniture category. Stools, seats and other equipment needed at every relaxation spot are to be found there. Would you like to make even more of the space you have at your disposal? Buy some Garden chests and boxes. Boxe Rato, Boxe Rato Puls and Boxe Board garden chest models await you there with other capacious and aesthetic models. In order to maintain order in the garden, yard and on the terrace you might need some Brooms and brushes. Sorghum fibre brooms, pavement brooms, grout scrappers, tar and plastering brushes, as well as a wide selection of car washing accessories are available off hand in our store. We can also offer excellent, effective path, pavement and driveway cleaning agents at affordable prices. The Sumin 200-ml Finisher for fighting moss, algae and liverworts on lawns and paths and the 200-ml Roundup Herbi Block a long acting path and driveway cleaning agent, belong to the most popular ones. You will finally get rid of the nagging moss, lichens, weeds, algae and other dirt! The Around home category has something for those, who look for sturdy, tight covers, too. We offer the premium quality tarpaulins – blue, reinforced green and extra strong silver-green models in sizes ranging from 3 x 4 m to 15 x 20 m! Check them out! After work comes relaxation. Free time spent in garden will become even more enjoyable if you equip your self with barbecues and necessary accessories. There are a compact, round grill with a spit, a rectangular grill with side shelves, barrel-shaped grill, garden furnace and meat smoking trays available in our store. You can also buy natural, eco-friendly fire starters, wood chips and charcoal here. Take a new grate or holder, a barbecue basket, a burger press, some skewers and campfire sausage fork, into consideration, too. We kindly invite you to take a look – you will definitely find some products that will appeal to you. It is so nice to lay yourself comfortably down on a hammock. Did we already mention that we have a wide selection of extra comfy canvas and mesh hammocks in our offer? Do not miss out on that chance!

Do not hesitate! Get to know the wide assortment of our online store and make a purchase your whole family will enjoy. Invest in the premium quality, take advantage of the free delivery and see, how much you will save with us.