At home

Our online store offers a wide range of accessories that prove to be useful at home. Look around and check what you might need. You will purchase the products needed for everyday chores and tasks at excellent prices at our store.

Practical organizers are needed in order to maintain order and keep clutter away. Browse through the Baskets, containers and boxes subcategory, where aesthetic boxes, collapsible baskets and storage containers in various sizes, with and without lids, and wash basins, await you. We also offer Laundry baskets (including XXL size). Functional dustbins – no matter if you need a waste container for the kitchen, bathroom or office – could not be missed from our offer. You will find a bin that would suit your needs here – take a look at the 10-litre Swantje dustbin with a rotating lid and the large 50-litre Rasmus dustbin with a tilting lid. Our affordable and practical toolboxes, trays and organizers, such as the Caliber toolboxes and Multicase Carge toolboxes with drawers are particularly recommended to all DIY-men and women. Small items, such as screws, nails, rubber bands, sewing and handcraft accessories may be stored in special bags that are available in the Resealable zip bags section (they are available in a wide array of sizes, from 40 x 60 mm to 300 x 400 mm). Tidying up and construction works might require using twines and cords and we guarantee competitive prices for cotton, hemp, polypropylene, sisal twines, as well as cords and lines made of other durable materials. Do you need a mop or gardening bucket? Order one at our store – we have buckets wit capacities ranging from 5 to 20 litres on stock. You will also find large, sturdy canisters and cleaning agents – antibacterial gels, dustbin cleaning agents and carbon black removing substances at our online store. Thanks to these products maintaining order and cleanliness in your household will become much easier. Do not forget to visit the Sprouters section. If you strive to live a healthy lifestyle, you simply cannot miss the vitamin-rich sprouts from your kitchen. You will find the best containers for growing sprouts in our shop. We also offer other useful home accessories, such as mosquito nets and insect screens, thermometers and weather stations, dustpans and coal shovels and many other products. We encourage you to browse through our subcategories. You will find plenty of practical solutions that will facilitate household chores!

Take advantage of the competitive prices for the household accessories. Invest in the highest quality and shop online without leaving home and carrying heavy shopping bags. We care for your comfort – see for yourself, how much you may gain with us!