Hyacinth bulbs, Hyacinthus

If you love the sweet-scented blooms and vivid colours and are interested in pot or aquicultural cultivation of bulb plants, you should definitely take a look at our hyacinth bulbs. We present properly developed, splendid seedling material coming from Dutch producers. You will find the highest quality hyacinth bulbs at the best available prices only in our store! We have hyacinths in all colours that are available at the Dutch market – starting with the white „Carnegie”, through the sky blue „Sky Jacket”, the lily-pink „Fondant” and „Splendid Cornelia”, to crimson-pink „Jan Bos” and dark purple „Purple Star”. Take a look at the exceptional novelties: the golden-yellow „City of Haarlem”, orange „Gypsy Queen” and burgundy red „Woodstock”. All our plants are accustomed to our climatic conditions and bloom reliably both in the field and in pots. Do not hesitate and buy the best hyacinth bulbs still today. Thanks to them your garden will blossom in spring with a palette of colours, and the magnificent, sweet scent of the flowers will attract butterflies and bees to it. When you plan with autumn planting, you should never overlook hyacinth bulbs! Read descriptions of the varieties available in our online store and make the purchase without leaving your home – in a quick, cost effective and comfortable manner. We guarantee 100% satisfaction from the culture.