Orchid fertilizers

Are you searching for orchid fertilizers? You will find the broadest selection of products intended for taking care of these popular, admired pot plants, here in our online garden store. Orchids had long ago won hearts of home gardeners as plants that are easy to grow and exceptionally ornamental thanks to their large flowers appearing during every season of a year. In order to allow your orchids to adorn your home all year long, you need to fertilize them properly. Excess fertilization and wrong choice of products may cause more harm than good, though. Luckily enough, you came to the right place - the Garden Seeds Market.

This subcategory of our store encompasses proven orchid fertilizers that display guaranteed reliability. We offer products from the renown, trusted brands, such as Agrecol, Biopon, Compo, Florovit, Substral, Target and Zielony Dom, that enable you to take proper care of your flowering favourites! Should you value efficiency and comfort, order Orchid Fertilizer Sticks - 3 month action - from Substral or the Orchid Power nutrient from Compo! You would only need to put the latter two products into the pot and... forget about orchid fertilizing for up to a dozen weeks. Should you wish to use concentrated liquid fertilizer in orchid supplementation, we recommend to apply the Zielony Dom Mineral Orchid Fertilizer, the Biopon Blooming Time Orchid Fertilizer, Agrecol Orchid Fertilizer or the liquid "Moc Kwiatów" (Abundance of Flowers) Orchid Fertilizer from Target. We would also like to encourage you to test the ready-to-use fertilizer mist, such as the Pump Sprayer Orchid Fertilizer from Zielony Dom, Florovit Orchid Rejuvenator and the "Krople Natury" (Drops of Nature) Orchid nutrient from Target. All the above mentioned products are available at exceptionally low prices in our online store. In order for orchid leaves to shine beautifully, use Agrecol Care Wipes for Orchids and other Ornamental Plants. In case your orchids show limited vigour, do not bloom and develop ugly, drying roots, feed them with Mycorrhizal Orchid Vaccine from Zielony Dom, that is rich in useful microorganisms and therefore increases overall growth strength and resistance of the plant.

This is only a fraction of our selection of products dedicated to orchids. Browse through all our products and make an order - our fertilizers let your orchids surprise you with an even longer and more abundant blooming!