Lavender fertilizers

Lavender fertilizers enable you to create a truly Mediterranean, Provencal climate in your garden! Our online garden store offers fertilizers that will help you to feed lavender plants grown on borders and in pots, delivered by the best, highly regarded manufacturers from across Europe.

If you dream of long, abundantly and reliably blooming plants, invest in the premium NPK lavender fertilizer. The right proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium play the major role in proper fertilization of this plant. Buying e.g. the "Fioletowe Pole" (Purple Field) Lavender Fertilizer from Target gives you 100% certainty that you obtain a product carefully prepared and strictly dedicated to lavender nutritional needs. Abundance of macronutrients ensures balanced, exuberant growth of your subshrubs, as well as their abundant blooming, winter hardiness and even... the intensity of fragrance.

Our online garden shop offers certified lavender fertilizers in powder and liquid concentrate form, in packages of different weights and volumes. The originally packed products come with detailed dosing instructions, what makes proper supplementation of subshrubs easy and available to garden professionals and beginners alike. We stand for competitive prices and exceptional seasonal offers. Stay tuned with our offer, so your garden would thrive, bloom and bear fruit abundantly all season long. We invite you to a convenient shopping tour with home delivery!