Zinnia seeds

We offer seeds of zinnia that produces magnificently coloured blooms. You are free to choose from different varieties of two species – narrowleaf zinnia and common (elegant) zinnia. These plants are made for decorating gardens, particularly those set up in rustic style. They bloom from June until the first frosts in autumn. Zinnias can be grown for cut flowers.

Seeds of the dahlia-flowered elegant zinnia „Envy”, that produces beautiful, greenish-yellow inflorescences at the ends of rather long stems, are particularly recommended. The Mexican zinnia with sunny, double or single yellow-brown inflorescences belongs to the narrowleaf zinnia varieties. If you intend to grow flowers in pots, the „Lilliputian” elegant zinnia is the one for you, as it develops small habit and bears flowers in different colours.

There is also the „Plomienny Ogrod” (Flaming Garden) selection available in our online store. It contains, among others, seeds of the dahlia-flowered elegant zinnia.