Citrus plant fertilizers

Citrus plant fertilizers form a subcategory that encompasses our offer for owners of pot lemon, orange and tangerine trees. These exceptionally ornamental mini-trees grow well in home conditions and if you take proper care of them, they will also reward you with aromatic, magnificent fruit. Can't wait to see these spectacular cultivation results? Equip yourself with citrus fertilizers. A product, which contents correspond fully with the basic needs of citrus trees should contain enough nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, while a balanced dose of micronutrients cannot be missed, either. There is a wide variety of citrus fertilizers available on the market - you will find products from the most renown manufacturers here in our garden shop!

We offer the Agrecol Citrus Fertilizer and Biopon Citrus Fertilizer, intended for supplementing plans during routine watering, at exceptionally competitive prices. The Substral Citrus Fertilizer - concentrate for 35 litres of ready-to-use solution stands out with excellent efficiency and quick release of nutrients. Should you not be able to feed your plants regularly, purchase the Compo Citrus nutrient in a disposable applicator. Cut of the tip, place the applicator in the pot and go away for a holiday without any worries. Your lemon and orange trees will be continuously fed over the course of four weeks. Our shop offers professional, high quality Compo soil for Mediterranean plants, enriched with the Compo-Plus agent, loam, humus and slowly released starter fertilizer. You may successfully use it in cultivation of citrus trees, olive trees, rose mallows, lavender, fig trees and many other plants coming from the Mediterranean.

Make an order in our online store in order to purchase premium-class products at affordable prices. Reliability, efficiency and immediate impact of our citrus fertilizers allow you to fully enjoy these ornamental, exotic plants. Our products let you succeed - try the out still today!