Fertilizers in pump sprayers

Fertilizers in pump sprayer bottles ensure exceptionally comfortable use. These ready-to-use products contain carefully selected and balanced doses of macro- and micronutrients and do not need to be diluted in water. Products offered in this subcategory are all sold in atomizers that enable you to apply them easily on the soil surface and leaves. The quickly absorbed NPK fertilizers allow you to immediately improve the condition of your plants thanks to their mist form. Leaf supplementation with products from that category is particularly recommended for plants weakened by diseases, attacked by pests, neglected or growing in unfavourable conditions.

We recommend, among many others, the "Zielony Dom" Green plant fertilizer in a sprayer bottle. It has been enriched with iron and ensures beautiful leaf colouring. Choose the excellent zinc-enriched "Zdrowy Pomidor" (Healthy Tomato) Leaf fertilizer with high calcium content, from the same brand to feed your tomatoes, strawberries and other demanding fruit and vegetables.

If you prefer 100% natural products, we have some for you, too. The Garden Seeds Market offers ready-to-use guano. This is by far not all! You will find more professional products for supplementing plants grown for flowers, ornamental foliage and other uses. Easy to apply, effective and extremely efficient fertilizers from the most renown producers are always on stock in our store. High quality at competitive prices is our motto. We kindly encourage you to browse through our whole assortment.