Conifer fertilizers

If you want to make sure that needle browning will never surprise you, purchase certified conifer fertilizers. Still not sure where to buy valuable and efficient products? You will find a broad selection of those with free delivery option right here, at our garden store. Decorative, long living and easy to take care of conifer plants - thujas, spruces, cypresses, yews, larches, pines and junipers - develop well as long as they are properly fertilized. Conifer trees and shrubs require light soils that are rich in macro and micronutrients. It is also recommended to supplement them with autumn fertilizers that increase their winter-hardiness at the end of the vegetation period.

As long as you provide your plants with a fertile soil with a proper reaction, you will avoid any health issues they could otherwise encounter. It is definitely advisable to choose conifer fertilizers carefully. The well being of your plants depends on your decisions! If you are not sure, what fertilizers to choose, we recommend to begin with the all-purpose ones. These include Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants) for Conifers - Prevention Against Browning Needles from Agrecol, the Conifer Fertilizer with Micronutrients from Target and the Long-lasting Conifer Fertilizer from Biopon.

Experiencing trouble with foliage discolouration? Choose the emergency "Moc Zieleni" (Power of Green) Fertilizer from Target or the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) from Substral. We recommend the Eco-friendly Conifer Fertilizer for all supporters of organic supplementation and the Long-lasting "100 dni" (100 days) Conifer Fertilizer or the Extra Osmocote Fertilizer, that are applied once or twice during a season, to all busy and forgetful gardeners. Before you start planting conifers, it is advised to prepare the soil with an acidifying fertilizer and the conifer mycorrhiza. Apply one of our autumn fertilizers before the winter comes in order to enhance winter-hardiness of your conifer trees and shrubs.

As you can see, we are prepared for every situation and challenge. Our shop offers all products and tools needed to grow conifers successfully. Check out, how easy shopping at Garden Seeds Market could be and save money thanks to our affordable prices. We kindly invite you for an exciting shopping tour!