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Salvia, Ornamental sage seeds

There are seeds of two sage species and many other varieties that differ in inflorescence colour available in our store. You will also find tropical (scarlet) sage and gentian (spreading) sage there. Seeds available in our online store show proven high quality and satisfying germination capacity, because they are supplied by renowned producers only.

When thinking of the tropical sage, „White Red Bicolour” variety with intriguing, red-and-white blooms is especially recommended. It will adorn flower beds, balconies and terraces, where it should be grown in containers. This plant also finds its use in public space. „Red Halo” is another sage variety worth mentioning. It produces bicolour, red and pink-orange blooms. The indecisive ones can grab a seed selection mix. The gentian sage develops blue blooms that would look great on flower beds and balconies alike.