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Flower Bulbs

Welcome to the Bulbs and Seedlings department of our online store. Here you will find everything your garden needs to bloom in a multitude of colours and to bear rich crops. Our online store cooperates exclusively with the best producers to provide you with the highest quality seedling material. You will find proven varieties and attractive novelties at reasonable prices here. Let us surprise you! We have prepared a wide assortment of bulbs, tubers and rhizomes of the most beautiful spring, summer, autumn and winter flowers. Among others, we offer the abundantly blooming begonias that develop either cascading or tuft habit and the whole variety selection of the colourful, unique bog arum, as well as the multi-coloured dahlias, the beloved miniature cultivars in particular. The amaryllis with gargantuan blooms that flower even in winter and the ornamental garlic in a plethora of species and varieties that we have gathered especially for you in one place, are the absolute no. 1 hit this season. Rustic garden lovers will find the exuberantly blooming phloxes, slender and erect lupins, abundant hollyhocks and the charming coneflowers in our store, while the naturalistic compositions’ afficionados should take a look at our beautiful buttercups, irises and hostas. We could not forget about the majestic, magnificently scented lilies of many different species and the spring border kings such as tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, crocuses, grape hyacinths and many others flowering perennials. You should also consider planting the not so common novelties that are seldom available in Poland. The exotic peacock flower and the splendid tuberose should definitely appeal to you. Vegetable bulbs and rhizomes will allow you to harvest the impressive rhubarb, aromatic ginger and savoury horse radish from your garden. All bulbs and seedlings offered in our garden store have been assigned to different categories, allowing you to quickly find the plants you are looking for. Thanks to the short descriptions and images you will quickly decide which of our species and varieties should find the way into your garden. As soon as you have made your mind, go and visit the Bulb growing accessories section, where you will find everything you need to make your adventure with bulbs and seedlings a success story.