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Melliferous Plants

A fragrant garden buzzing with butterflies and bees, delicious honey, great flower arrangements – you can have it all simply by sowing melliferous plants. You may choose from a plethora of species and cultivars – short descriptions will help you to make the right choice. All seeds available in our store strike with high quality, because all come from renowned producers. That fact guarantees successful cultivation, provided that the right growing conditions are preserved and appropriate care measures are taken.

The abundance of varieties enables creation of a splendid, colourful and fragrant plant composition on your border. Melliferous plants produce blooms in different colours that together with beatifully coloured butterfly wings will endow your garden with life and allure. It will become your favourite relaxation spot. Some of the melliferous plants have healing and nutritional properties, too. You can use sage, summer savory or oregano, to name only a few, as healthy and tasty addition to many dishes – to spice them up or give them more aroma. Melliferous plants are eagerly visited by useful insects, who often pollinate other plants growing nearby.

You will find popular plants such as lupin, catmint, lavender, purple coneflower or mustard at our store. The selection is, however, not limited to those, as we also offer less frequently cultivated species, such as cigar plant, hyssop, bee balm, teasel or hummingbird mint. Choose your favourite plants, order the seeds, sow them and enjoy a marvellous garden the insects will be willing to visit.

Serradella - 1 kg; common bird's foot -40%
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