Spinach Seeds

We offer seeds of spinach, a plant with a valuable content that beneficially affects your body. This vegetable is a rich source of folic acid, vitamins C and E and lutein. Pregnant women and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases should eat spinach. It is low calorie and improves metabolism, hence it should be included in your diet, if you intend to lose weight.

You will find seeds of several spinach varieties that differ in length of vegetation period, resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions or shape and colour of foliage. We particularly recommend the „Matador” variety that is intended for spring and summer cultivation and what is even more important, does not produce flowering stalks. Choose „Olbrzym Zimowy” variety for late harvest, as it shows resistance to frost.

If you care for nature, we recommend certified organic spinach seeds that have been produced from plants grown without the use of chemical control agents nor artificial fertilisers.