Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents available in the offer of our online store belong to the high-end, premium quality products. You will find antibacterial gels and strong cleaning balms intended for removing tough, persistent stains. We also offer excellent leafshine, odour-eliminating substances and cleaning agents for surfaces that are particularly prone to staining. See what we have in store with you!

You definitely should buy 50-ml Arox antibacterial hand gel. This product has disinfecting properties and is gentle to your skin. It offers the best preventive solution in all your efforts that may cause smaller injuries and cuts. There are also professional cleaning agents, such as the highly efficient Bros – Morus – carbon black removing agent for fireplaces and ovens 50 g or Grobex – tombstone cleaning and conserving balm, ideally suited for cleaning marble, terrazzo and other materials. Are you in need of an effective dustbin and waste bag disinfecting agent? Order the Waste container – Bros – cleaning agent in a bottle with an atomiser. Garden Seeds Market also offers cheap plant cleaning agents, such as the popular 600-ml Substral leafshine that prevents dust from settling. Don't forget to browse through our other products, too!

We will help you maintain order and tidy up clutter at your home in a structurised fashion. You will purchase cleaning agents from the best producers (among others Bros, Substral, Zielony Dom) at affordable prices in our online store. Fighting dirt, stains and odours will become an easy task – invest in the specialist products and enjoy cleanliness without overpaying!