Long-lasting fertilizers

The Long-lasting fertilizers allow you to reduce the number of care measures, while maintaining excellent productivity, abundant blooming and great vigour of your plants. Products from this category are most commonly available in form of granulate intended for broadcasting over the ground. The formula of the long-lasting fertilizers has been prepared the way they would slowly, gradually dissolve in humidity and release smaller doses of minerals to the soil. This group of products eliminates the risk of overfertilization and sudden change of chemical composition or pH value of the soil. One application of the long-lasting fertilizer would be sufficient for 3 to 6 months, depending on the characteristics of a particular product.

Our online store offers products from renown manufacturers and brands such as Biopon, Target, Substral and Zielony Dom. We encourage you to buy the easy-to-apply "100 dni" (100 days) Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer or the EXTRA Long-Lasting Osmocote Lawn Fertilizer - these products make gradual, balanced nourishing of the turf very easy.

Constantly available in our selection are also the reliable, magnificent long-lasting fertilizers for the ever hungry blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, browning and sick conifers, picky and prickly roses, as well as the abundantly blooming, and therefore particularly demanding, balcony plants. Should you be in need for home pot plant fertilizer, choose extended performance fertilizer sticks that need to be applied every six months only.

We also offer the long-lasting autumn and all-purpose fertilizers for supplementing all kinds of garden plants. Take a closer look at the list below and see, what we have prepared for you. Do not resist the competitive prices, great special offers and free delivery option anymore. We kindly invite you to shop at our online store offering the best home and garden plant fertilizers.