Fruit Seeds

You will find seeds of many fruit species, both the most popular and less known ones, in our garden store. Seeds available in our offer are of the highest quality, as they come from renowned producers only.

If you are keen on growing less popular plants, we recommend seeds of the Indian fig opuntia (prickly pear), pepino, Chinese boxthorn (goji berries), dwarf pomegranate, leafy goosefoot or Cape gooseberry (physalis). The majority of them would not survive colds that occur in our region and therefore should be grown in pots at home, in a greenhouse or in a heated tunnel. You will also find seeds of more common fruit, such as strawberry, wild strawberry, watermelon and the becoming more and more popular magnolia vine in our store. These plants can be successfully grown in the open air.

Do not hesitate and choose seeds of your favourite fruit to enjoy tasty, sweet and healthy crops.