Fertilizers sticks

Fertilizer sticks are an absolute must-have for pot plant owners and gardeners alike! This subcategory encompasses efficient, long-lasting fertilizers in form of dry sticks that should be applied directly into plant's root system. In order to make choosing the right product easier, we hereby propose products dedicated for specific plant groups and species.

You will find proven and tested fertilizer sticks for orchids, green plants, geraniums and other abundantly blooming demanding balcony plants and even for vegetables and herbs (check out the magnificent tomato, pepper and cucumber fertilizer sticks) in our store. There are, among others, fertilizer sticks enriched with vitamins, those with higher iron content and manufactured of manure available in this shop. Try our latest discovery: the excellent fertilizer sticks with guano and mycorrhiza intended for plants weakened by pests (the Special "O" Fertilizer Sticks) and fungal diseases (Special "G" Fertilizer Sticks).

Our special fertilizer sticks with mycorrhiza and helper bacteria constitute a complete fertilizer and offer an effective rescue for neglected plants, whose overall condition is far from ideal. They improve the absorption capacity of roots, improve water and nutrients' assimilation and enhance the resistance of the disease-plagued plants. You will purchase all these excellent fertilizers and additives at exceptionally competitve prices at our online store. You do not have to compromise efficiency for the sake of the price anymore - a single fertilizer stick would last 30 to 60 days.

Were you interested in an even longer performance, choose the Osmocote Fertilizer Spikes that release the fertilizer gradually over the course of 9 months! Our online garden store offers them as single pieces or in larger 12-piece packs. All our products come from the renown, leading organic and mineral fertilizer manufacturers, such as Agrecol, Biopon, Compo, Pokon, Substral or Zielony Dom. Order original fertilizer sticks for home, balcony and garden plants and vegetable online - you are always welcome at our store!