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Dianthus, Carnation seeds

Carnations, or pinks, could not be missed from our offer. You may pick your favourite one from numerous different species and varieties, such as fringed pink, Sweet William, Cheddar pink, maiden pink or fainbow (China) pink. The majority of them will add glamour to your garden even all summer long. These flowering plants fit onto flower beds, edgings and can be grown for cut flowers.

Have a shot at the Sweet William „Black Magic” variety seeds that will develop into medium tall plants with deeply burgundy inflorescences. Borders will look much better with the „Merry-Go-Round” fainbow pink cultivar that produces large, white, red-dotted blooms. This particular variety can also be grown in containers. A fringed pink might also arouse your interest. It forms flowers with deeply toothed petals, what makes it a great fit into natural style gardens.